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shoes seem particularly popular in the circle of red color shoes, Gel Lyte V, Gel Kayano Trainer EVO with full red tone rendering.

which do you prefer, compared to Gel Lyte V?
classic Nike Vandal, and then bring the new shock debut, in the summer before the end of the shoe fans for the last black and white shoes.

all of this pair of shoes with black leather make, only in the reinforcement belt, and Swoosh tongue tag with a little white as a foil. One is a bit AF1 HIGH feeling? This new product has landed in overseas markets, is now New Zealand retailer Titolo sale, like friends must first start strong.
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what is the most terrible thing for the runners in winter? Is it a ruthless cold wind that flaps your tender face? No, it's haze, yes, it's haze. In recent days, the country has entered a small climax of a wave of fog and haze, which is difficult to run for a lot of running friends. So, many small partners choose the gym and buy a treadmill, but do you know that the treadmill has a small secret?

American A. T. Dr. Mathews ·, Dean of the school of human behavior at Still University, made a comparative study on the training effect of the upward inclined treadmill and the peace treadmill, and found that the training effect of the slope running is several times higher than that of the platform running. However, a lot of runners never use a treadmill to improve the slope, which is the most wasteful thing.
The young
with two age group, Gabriel, about 30 were tested, let them in on the inclined treadmill training on the treadmill and platform respectively, according to the principle of human movement science, measuring heart rate, oxygen consumption, energy consumption and muscle cells under different intensity exercise in volume data, comparative study.

has found that the use of a slant treadmill can satisfy the desire of some runners to spend relatively less time on the best exercise.

first, the treadmill's ramp function can cause more resistance to your gluteus maximus and Achilles, so that more heat is consumed during the climb.
runner can achieve the training effect of 6 mph when the running speed of the treadmill is 3 miles / hour at the slope angle and speed of 12 degrees. When the slope is increased to 16 degrees, the slope running of 2 miles per hour can consume 360 thousand calories per hour, which is three times the heat consumption of the platform running in the same time.

second, the ramp run can also complete the dual exercise of the cardiovascular system and the muscle system at the same time.

research shows that when the slope of the treadmill is 12 degrees, it can effectively produce good training effects on the gluteus maximus, the posterior femoral muscles and the calf muscles. When the slope reaches 15 degrees or higher, the percentage of muscle cells participating in exercise will increase to 75% when running on the slope, while the data is only 20% when running on the platform. At this time, even if the low-speed runners step can effectively mobilize the aerobic energy supply system, gives the cardiovascular and muscle activity organization with strong support, accelerate the body fat consumption, that is to say, at the same time on the treadmill, exercise can be completed at the same time both cardiovascular and muscular system.

finally, increasing the gradient of the treadmill can change the way the human body energy consumption and accurately understand the source of the body's energy consumption.
As we all know,
has three main energy supply systems, adenosine triphosphate system, glycogen metabolism system and aerobic metabolism system, which support our daily physical activities. In different sports intensity, different >

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