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August, Rio Olympic Games will be a grand opening, in order to meet the arrival of this sporting event, the major sneaker brands have launched related themes of products, ASICS Tiger also ranked among them. The ASICS Tiger brought a group of GEL-Lyte "RIO" series for the Rio Olympics, a series of still selected Gel-Lyte III and Gel-Lyte V models of a large amount of popularity, will be very green and blue green Brazilian flavor to use both models, inside and outside Logo shoes also presented in the form of mandarin duck, very special. At present, this group of ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte "RIO" series has been sold in overseas designated stores.

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well known that the best way to burn fat is low - and moderate exercise, such as fast walking, swimming, jogging, and so on. High intensity exercise, such as strength training and sprint, is more suitable for increasing muscle volume and compacting the body.

if the weight is too high, is not recommended to run, because of a knee injury is too large, in this case, the first thing we need to do is to lose weight, this time can be carried out because of strength training, strength training can not only improve the basic metabolism, fat burning, good for visceral fat is lost. The weight loss of the fat people is the first choice!
what type of obesity do you belong to?
BMI value: BMI= weight (kg) ÷ height (m) square, such as the weight of pig big flower is 50KG, height 162cm, BMI is 19.
The BMI range of
adults: less than 18.5 belong to light, normal 18.5 - 25, overweight 25 - 28, obesity 28 - 32, and very fat higher than 32.

strength training promotes "basal metabolic rate"

muscle strength and lean meat increased, which can raise the "basal metabolic rate". Even if not exercising normally, it can silently consume more calories and eat more easily, which means that the ability of the body to consume heat is improved.
high-intensity anaerobic training, the body will continue to be in a state of metabolic improvement for a long time to generate muscle and heat and fat consumption in order to repair muscles and metabolize lactic acid. This is the result of a long, low - intensity aerobic exercise.

when a weight Dieter exercises a strength exercise, it will find that his body has changed. The weight loss of the body is changed when the weight loss is increased by the weight exercise. The volume ratio of muscle to fat is 1 to 3. So when the volume ratio of the body muscles and fat changes, the body's body shape changes.
After the
strength exercise, the dieters not only consume energy during exercise, even if they stop, they also need to consume more energy. Since the body muscles are exercised, they need to grow and repair, all of which require energy. To improve the quality of human muscle can also help dieters lose weight after keeping the weight and shape is more durable, don't worry too much about the size and weight will rebound will change.

strength exercises can get twice the result with half the effort for weight loss, so for those with obesity BMI value less than 32, we need to remember that aerobic exercise is also necessary when we want to lose weight quickly and effectively. (source: Bodybuilding fat)

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